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Some of the events that we participate in.


Armstron Prestige Festival of Cycling Festival of Cycling - Harbour Ride
Distance 75km, 45km flat, 30 km hilly.
Circuit: McCormacks Bay, Cashmere, Halswell, Motukarara, Gebbies Pass, Governors Bay, Lyttelton, Evans Pass, Sumner.
A good event that anyone can complete, with a bit of training.
Next date: 1st December 2007. Entry Fee: $80 ($80 for 2006 event)
Le Race Le Race
Distance 100km, 30km flat, 70km hilly.
Point to point: Christchurch, Cashmere Hills, Gebbies Pass, Little River, Hilltop, Summit Rd, Akaroa.
A very hilly event that tests a persons endurance. If you dont like hills, then you may want to think twice about doing this one.
Taking the long way around the Summit Road from Hilltop to Akaroa means the last 38km involves lots of short sharp climbs and descents.
Next date: 29th March 2008. Entry Fee: $110 ($90 for 2007 event)
Grape Ride Grape Ride
Distance 100km, 70km flat, 30km hilly/undulating
Circuit: Renwick, Blenheim, Picton, Queen Charlotte Drive, Havelock, Renwick
Same length as Le Race, but not as demanding.
An enjoyable ride with great views (for those that are not going too fast to look) and unwind in the vineyards after the ride.
Next date: 12th April 2008. Entry Fee: $80 ($80 for 2007 event)


Molesworth Muster Molesworth Muster
Distance 80km, 60km flat, 20km hilly.
Point to point: Molesworth Station to Hanmer, 4WD road.
Quite a long MTB ride, a few climbs, tests endurance rather than technical skills.
Next date: 10th November 2007. Entry Fee: $105 ($95 for 2006 event)
Moa Hunt Moa Hunt
Distance 40km
Circuit: Kekerengu Store, Kaikoura Coast.
A brand new ride from the people who organise the Grape Ride.
Next date: 24th November 2007. Entry Fee: $90

MTB - fun rides

Christchurch - Little River Rail Trail Click to see some of my photos of opening day 30/11/06. Christchurch - Little River Rail Trail
Only some sections are currently open, due for completion in 2008
Total Distance 45km, flat.
Point to point: Christchurch, Prebbleton, Lincoln, Ahuriri Reserve, Motukarara, Birdlings Flat, Little River. Old Railway line.

Prebbleton - Lincoln. Distance 6km. Opened 30 November 2006.
Motukarara - Catons Bay (near Little River). Distance 20km. Opened 28 May 2006. Drive to Motukarara, park, ride to Catons Bay or Kaituna along the trail, return on either the main road or trail.