shimano M980 XTR pedals

The new Shimano XTR M980 XC race pedal, improved and enhanced from the M970

Price: $169.95

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The new Shimano XTR M980 XC race pedals, features:

  • Two-sided mechanism
  • Efficient power transfer due to increased pedal-shoe interface (270% more shoe/pedal contact compared to PD-M970)
  • Lighter, low profile design
  • Robust, dependable SPD functions
  • Improved mud shedding design with oval-shaped axle body housing

Race day is all about maximum output and maximum efficiency-putting everything you've trained for into the race, and leaving it all out on the racecourse.

The new XTR Race pedals connect riders to their bike like never before, maximising the renowned strength and stiffness of XTR cranks with complementary XTR Race pedals, which use wider bearing placement for ultimate rigidity under load. These new pedals boast four times the shoe/pedal contact area as the previous generation XTR pedal, helping channel every ounce of effort to the rear wheel.

This refined design retains all the time-tested and race-proven functionality SPD is famous for, and adds a slimmer axle profile to reduces weight and increase mud shedding capability. This new pedal also provides a lower and more biomechanically correct platform height, which more efficiently transfers power into the drivetrain while picking up precious millimetres of ground clearance at the same time.