continental attack and force tyre sets, with Chili


Email: Black Continental Attack and Force set Email: Black Continental Attack and Force set

TPS (Tire Positioning System), specific front and rear tyres.

GP Attack Front tyre: Size 700c x 22mm. Weight 190gms. Pressure 110-120psi

GP Force Rear tyre: Size 700c x 24mm. Weight 210gms. Pressure, 110-120psi

New tyres for 2008 with Vetran and black chili technology.

Price: $160.00

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Race ready front and rear tyre set available only as a pair.

GP Attack Front tyre

  • Sticky tread, better grip in wet & dry.
  • 22mm tread width, perfect for front wheel.
  • Narrow to reduce wind drag, wide enough to provide secure grip.
  • Good puncture protection.
  • Low rolling resistance.
  • One anti-puncture belt under the tread.
  • 4 polyamide casing belts / 370 threads per inch.
  • Attack weighs only 190gms!!
  • Rec inflation 110psi, Max 120psi.

GP Force Rear tyre

  • Strong, lightweight tyre, force power to the road.
  • Long lasting tread centre improves longevity.
  • Many miles in the heat of competition.
  • 2 anti-puncture belts under the tread.
  • 23mm section, optimum width for rear use.
  • Wide enough to supply great grip, good puncture resistance and low rolling resistance, yet narrow enough to keep weight low and ensure a responsive ride.
  • 5 polyamide belts / 430 threads per inch.
  • Force weighs only 210gms!!
  • Rec inflation 110psi, Max 120psi